Leopard Shepherd

by Habitat

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released June 16, 2012


Andrew Levin: Guitar, Vocals, Production
Tim "Earthling" Brochier: Bass, Rap Vocals, Production
Sam Kellerman: Drums
Scott Jespersen: Keys, Vocals, Fiddle

All songs written by Brochier, Levin, Jespersen, and Kellerman
John Perea: Producer

Shayna Goldstein: vocals on Puppy Love, Horizons, Middle of Nowhere, and Ding Dong Ditch

Recorded and mixed by John Perea, Tim Brochier, and Andrew Levin

Mastered by Mark Platzer

Album art by Hannah Puente



all rights reserved


Habitat San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Horizons
Up on a hill, I can see a light right from you,
Callin back to where we used to live,
But all of this air, is breathing life into me
Calling me away from all of this,
Once you dared me to leave,
Didn’t believe I’d be gone,
But I’m standing off the edge of the earth,
I ain’t got nowhere to be, but everywhere I belong
It feels like freedom, for whatever that’s worth.

And I will climb,
Until there’s no horizons
Don’t ask me why,
Cuz I don’t need to give no reason

Nothing’s ever changing, it’s only rearranging,
So from an old man to a baby, I will still remain the same thing,
That’s me. Singing like a banjo string,
with an out of tune finch in the canopy,
can it be, the trees, bees, and we are all earthlings?
That would sure be one weird extended family,
Roots deeper than a nuclear submarine,
Leaving the child hand in hand with the man in me,
So when the present runs away like a Saturday,
Tells me I better be the one who’s gonna pave the way,
Save the day, I’ll look him in the face and say,
“get back here, and I’ll give you a place to stay for the ever,
Just never leave the door unlocked,
And if you’re going to use the bathroom just be sure to knock,
And that’s that, you’ll be chillin in my habitat,
With the other lab rats in the cabbage patch.”


Track Name: Blue
Feelin happy, feelin blue, waste away the afternoon
Cuz I believe in blue
Locked away inside a dream, trying to catch what used to seem
Like a fire inside of me
Verse 1:
I’ve got an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other,
But the monkey on my back swallowed them both.
He choked on the halo and the pitchfork, keeled over,
And my own wings finally had time to grow.
Then I looked back it was just a blur,
Just a mismatched avalanche of dust and words,
No returns for this burned customer,
But I must emerge it’s taken trust to learn,
I’m not worse for the wear just more aware of the worst
At first that was the best that I could count on both hands
Giving an opposable thumbs up, with no chance
Cuz you need brains to get dumb luck
I lie numb struck, Billy Pilgrim is unstuck
Waiting for the light and the sun has come up
To make morning shadow puppets dance with no strings on ceilings
I wonder who is casting me?
There has to be a reason that the only thing between us is the air we’re breathing
One masterpiece, with a breath and a beat and a thought now I believe in blue.

Blue, just one vibration,
waves sound and sight making time outdated,
I’ve waded to still water running deep
with an oxygen tank and a promise to keep,
But it’s cold, and the water’s dark,
and the giant squids and the great white sharks
Are distracting to say the least,
all I’m asking for is just some peace of mind,
I’m beginning to find out
more than just a rhyme in a time signature might shout
Out to the masses to make them feel,
the same vibrations that we’ve revealed
Linked by the senses the music’s how,
changing the lenses of what is now,
Allow the resonation to testify, electrify,
connecting you and I with blue
Track Name: Sea Urges
Sea Urges
I’m hurtin like I’m shirtless herding sea urchins
It would be urgent, but I’m busy searching for sea serpents
So while they hide inside the tide pools that my mind rules
I’ll find schools of fish, dismiss them all to recess and find you
Hooked on bait and stuck on lines in the mainstream
While I befriend anemones and send my enemies apologies
Arms spread like parentheses,
wanting nothing more than everything I see
to be right here in between,
so with a barnacle grip on reality
and with a flying fish sense of gravity
I’ll ride this slow motion tragedy that’s grabbing me
By the fantasy and draggin me past Atlantis,
See me swim, and hold fate by the porcelain dorsal fin
Until with a forceful grin I snap it off like fear of mortal sin,
It leaves me floatin, like the shell-less hermit,
Catchin currents, passin fervent messages to desperate servants
Who deserve this more than current recipes would have them be
The best of me is yet to be,
and so I dream on the boundary between the sky and sea,
I try to see and finally I’m like a piece of driftwood flyin free
Not catching waves but actually the waves are catching me.

Go! Invertigo

It takes eleven thousand two hundred meters per second
to escape earth’s orbit, and I reckon that I’m destined to explore it,
forfeit my grip on the porch lit steps
as my brain thinks I unweave the chain link fence,
present presence to the present tense with this pleasant sense
of sound permanent as wet cement,
that I let ferment like rules in Catholic schools,
before I pack these empty pools with rocket fuel
Boom! We have lift-off, projectile flight,
Exiled right back to the wild night,
My smile might flicker like yellow candlelight
Past the atmosphere, say “hello fellow satellite”
I handle heights from basements to cloud formations,
Built for racing asteroids and chasing spaceships,
I once was tracing pavement and making payments,
But who knows where those chains went, I’ve escaped enslavement

Track Name: Puppy Love (feat. Shayna Goldstein)
Puppy Love

When we simultaneously spontaneously combust,
Tender touch makes the soul erupt,
I hold you just like a deep breath
Show me your secrets,
I’ll flow to the beat in your chest.
Silhouette still wet from the baby steps,
Maybe let’s do this again before the moon sets,
Ooo yes you look good in your goosebumps,
Let’s make some new ones,
And turn two hours to two months
With fluid continuity, you’re getting through to me,
I’m getting through to you, do what you do to me,
First impressions, well you could say I’m under one,
Open up babe so I can feel where you’re comin from.
You’re brutally beautiful, and baby the moon is full,
And I will endeavor to wetter the weather inside you and lose control,
The neon tigress now is off the leash and out the cage,
We ride the wave to Jupiter before ejector seats engage.

Ooo-oo-ooo, ooo how you like when I
Ooo-oo-ooo? Yeah
You remember that first night you met me?
I made you happy as a puppy on a jet ski
Or as a kitten on ecstasy and an o.z. of catnip
Cozy in the corner puffin passin sayin “that’s the shit!”
We close as penguins as they huddle against Antarctic breeze
I get the shivers while your glacier melts into the sea
Riptide eyes slip slide cross the checkered line,
Feeding the friendly fire, higher higher, I’m electrified
By the lightning inside you, electrocutie
Count the seconds before the thunder
Wondering where it struck, assuming
That the speed of sound is slower than the speed of light
Is slower than the speed this night
Has happened to switch my mood ring from blue green
And aquamarine to molten lava flow
I’ve been falling in your rhythm since you tipped the first domino
All I know is that you’re strummin my strings
And that baby I’ma come when you sing, hallelujah

Chorus x4
Track Name: Redwoods
Let’s get lost in the redwoods again,
Baby I’ll show you how that spot where you begin and I end
Is getting closer than these treetops to the sky
My eye to your eye, or poison oak near your left thigh
Yes I’ve got your back, your shoulder, and your side,
Your next laugh always on my mind,
And that spot between your neck and your left breast is mine,
I hear the beat beat in your chest, and your breath keeping time,
And I can release my stress for the rest of my life, yeah,
Let’s get lost in the redwoods again, cuz I could use a friend right now
Somebody to show me how to slow down, stop rushing,
Leave time for tasting and touching,
And when I wanted to drop out, give in, back up, or cop out
You were there to talk about it, and you were there to rub the knots out,
You did not doubt my differences, you embraced them,
And though my placement on this planet remains unknown
I’ve never been so god damn sure of which way’s home

Let’s get lost on an island again,
wine sippin, skinny dippin, and finding our zen
two tourists in the forest on the highest mountain
we descend into the mangrove trees where we can hear the waves
as they crumble on the white sand beach, I’d love to stay for days,
Imagine this, forget about our plans to be rich
I just wanna live off the land near the sand with my chick
And eat bananas, crabs, and coconuts in a hut made of sticks,
And we’re never gonna dip our toes in, we’ll be diving off the jetty,
People ask us where we’re going and we say we’re here already,
Steady, comfortable and broken in, sun soakin, I’m openin,
My hands, my heart, my arms, my eyes,
My soul, my lips, my cheeks, my mind,
And everything, so glide with me
And listen to these angels sing…
Track Name: Stevens Creek
Stevens Creek
I’m in the mountains, but I ain’t at the peak,
I stopped to skip rocks at Stevens Creek
Top spot for hip hop at the end of the week
Then I walk in flip flops up to Mallard’s Peak
This is pure bliss, cannot cure this,
I’m still just a nervous wordsmith
Wondering whether I’m bringing together a purpose
And it’s worth it to look up and contemplate if I deserve this
My thoughts are like flat stones that I send skipping across the surface
Making ripples that catch a breeze and then crash on distant shorelines
A butterfly slipstream that blows by trees until it soars high
I know why I need to disclose that I’m naïve
And so I just wait for a low flying breeze
To carry me like a freed balloon whose child hand will forget me soon
Who will turn around and miss the sound when I popped and hit the ground
Right next to you, right next to you
Everybody sing, it goes like this…

I sit back and watch the world spin like a laundromat
Questions begin, should I jump in or should I wander back?
Never been fond of common tracks, hard to leave footprints along the path
Why pack more dirt, I’ve got planet earth
And so I will travel through longer grass
Beyond the map, I’m over longitude and latitude
With gratitude I’ll lay back as we bond through different attitudes
Beyond the past, but future’s speeding freeway fast at you
It’s last call before that’s all, do we really need to abandon youth?
I stand and shoot another rock across the pond
Like me and you it spins and skips until it drops and then it’s gone
Below the brink it slowly sinks and joins the other bottom dwellers
Settling deep inside the cracks of that floors forgotten cellars
Forever? No. I must believe that it will rise
After millions of currents and millions of tides,
Of slow days and long weeks, of wet months and dry
Of whole waves and lost peaks and ever-changing skies,
And that rock is flat and polished and just dying to be skipped,
And a dusty kid with a fishing pole pulls out his grimy fist,
He finds a grip that’s sure to skip it right past that creek’s swift bend
Stevens creek, we’re making ripples when that stone is skipped again.
Track Name: Middle of Nowhere
Middle of Nowhere

We carpe diem, so we hardly see em rollin by,
We are in eden without hardly even knowin why,
What I believe in is the reason that I coincide,
With every single being I be meeting on the borderline,
These walls between us we could crush or we could fortify,
Fuck the bucks we’re sorted by,
We need the love to multiply,
So just remember when they’re rippin peace to pieces,
We’re more than just a nation we’re a species…

Oooo..Oooo Don’t look you in the eye.
Aaaa..Aaaa When we’re passin by.
Oooo..Oooo Don’t wanna say hello.
Aaaa..Aaaa Don’t love what I don’t know.

I am in the middle of nowhere,
Tryin to get to the other side of somewhere,
Putting my best foot forward and my worst foot back
Heavily, steadily, readily breathing feel the earth’s impact,
Feel the surface smack, rubbin holes in the soles in my shoes,
The older my sould gets I’m holdin more moments than I’m willing to lose,
Just imagine how many people you’ll forget by the end
Remember when what’s his name said something to what’s her name’s friend?
I’m getting the bends, floating all these shipwrecks to the surface,
Our brains are perfect circuits, built with the purest purpose
And since my conscience affects the quantum state of everything,
It’s my universe and I choose the destiny,
You, you are blessing me, cuz with your very presence we
Unite in our existence, just listen to the heavenly
Connection, coincidental intersection of my space and time
with yours is proof that we are divine,
so namastay, hallelujah to ya, you the rulah, you the cool in the coolah,
movin through the continuum with natural grace,
laugh in the face of fear because we’re happy in place,
I was racin now I’m pacin appreciatin the faces I’m facin,
The tastes I’m tastin, my time is never wastin,
Basically waitin for fate to come and take me
To the other side of somewhere, I know it couldn’t compare
to the Middle of nowhere

Track Name: Smoke Signals
Smoke Signals

When your heart is free,
When your head is clear,

Once again, I pull my dusty faith off the top shelf,
She was once a friend, but now when I pray I’m convinced that I’m talking to myself,
I send a postcard and pretend that it will bring her health,
But fending off fate is most hard when all I have is a pen to help.
She waits by fire escapes, she knows this tower’s burning,
As I skate on thin isolation waiting for our journey,
With a leap of faith I fall in her fragile wings, she shows no fear,
Her face will disappear only after the smoke has cleared.
She sings, but I can’t keep up with tritone harmonies,
I try my own melodies, but am still missing a few strings
On this acoustic soul
And so I lose control of everything,
I used to roll past every exit, now I’m out of gasoline,
A tumbleweed with humble needs who watches whirlwinds in the heat,
And meets dust devils at crossroads that will blow me to my feet,
Eventually but then I see that she has followed me to here,
And she says I can fit the answer, “when your head is clear…”

Okay, but my head’s clear as sign language in the dark,
A pile of dry question marks just dying for a spark
To light them like a cigarette that burns along with fate,
And sends smoke signals flying with a hope to see her face

When will you see that I’m listening? When will you know I need to hear?
When your heart is free, when your head is clear….
When will you see that I’m listening? When will you know I need to hear?
When your heart is free, when your head is clear…

But the questions pour like sweat from my forehead to neck
As I dissect my intellect shipwreck,
Effect needs a cause, so no disrespect,
But who needs applause for a show I haven’t seen yet?
It’s been a while and the stars haven’t aligned in single file
Stretched for miles in the sky,
I see em smile and stare, so by trial and error I redefine,
It took a while to care, but I must know what’s on their mind.
Why do we need to bite dust to taste truth?
I’d go the speed of light just to face proof.
Lie side by side with my eyes on horizons,
Surprised when I find that it’s deep enough to dive in.
“Jump up!” she dares, never losing her patience,
I try but I’m scared of this elevation.
The night never ends, it just changes location,
On a daily rotation with the same destination.

When will you see that I’m listening? When will you know I need to hear?
When your heart is free, when your head is clear….
When will you see that I’m listening? When will you know I need to hear?
When your heart is free, when your head is clear…
Track Name: What Went Wrong?
What Went Wrong?

Missin the sunny days, munchin on Frito Lays,
And soaking up the taste of freedom gone to waste.
Listenin to the man, watchin my ass expand,
And wanting to take a stand but
Not knowing if I can, I said

Oh, what went wrong?
What happened to our once proudest song?
When did we so foolishly decide
To let our pride fall aside?
Yeah, yeah, yeah

We’re in fragments, watching 2-D beauty pageants,
Digital addicts fanatic for the static magnet.
Outta habit update the status, upload the name game
In the same frame while I remain stagnant.
State of lukewarm panic, numb to the tragic,
And slave to the automatic,
Escape is on demand, I’m not a hologram,
Everybody’s got a vision, who the hell has got a plan?
Maybe when I’m old enough, maybe when I’m rich enough,
Maybe when I’m 87, then I’ll really live it up,
Psh, we wait for fate to get its plate before we digging in,
Might be polite but man this life is not cotillion,
This is a call to all to crack your exoskeletons,
Wander out the jagged shell and back to what is relevant.
We are the element that formulates the fiction,
Celebrate ability and take what was given.
Track Name: Ding Dong Ditch
Ding Dong Ditch
She lives her life like no one’s watching,
Holds her head like water in her palms.
She races raindrops ‘cross the windshield,
She sees the music in the fog.
She’s singing softly in the shower,
She’s drawing faces in the mirror.
Her own reflection’s out of focus,
Her own direction still unclear.

Pull me under, hold me down,
I won’t fight you, I won’t drown,
I won’t drown

Opportunity didn’t knock, it played ding dong ditch.
I caught it runnin round the corner screaming life’s a bitch
I said yeah you might be right but she’s a helluva lot cooler than death,
So I’ll take the best of the two and do what I do with what I got left,
I crossed my t’s, dotted my I’s and all my lower case j’s,
Went over the page a couple times before I sent the resume,
Minimum wage, nine to five, shit, I gotta survive,
at least two days outta seven I stay truly alive,
I’m spread like too little butter over too much bread,
I get like pour me another just to clear my head,
There’s been too little heard, there’s been too much said,
And I’m burdened by the words to fill the room in my bed
Now its reminding me most of that night in your Saab
We were winding up the coast and getting lost in the fog
And it was me and it was you and we were surrounded by gray,
But we knew that everything was okay,
Now I stand knee deep in red flags, coping and hoping,
I can find out whether this emptiness is a hole or an opening,
And whether happiness is more than serotonin and dopamine,
I stare at the phone hopefully, cuz I could sure use a dose you see,
It’s hard to answer questions that I don’t understand,
Like did I need a hand to hold or did I need to hold her hand,
Shit I guess this life would just be boring and damned
If every story went according to plan.

Pull me under, hold me down,
I won’t fight you, I won’t drown,
Hold me closer, breathe me in,
Will this anchor learn to swim?

So taken by her words that I could carve them with my nails in the stone,
And somehow that fleeting courage could come bursting through the shackles of the snow,
And this inebriating distance is just haunting all the love we used to know,
Like a not-so-distant friend that we misplaced like ballpoint pens among the clones

Pull me under, hold me down
I won’t fight you, I won’t drown,
Hold me closer, breathe me in,
Will this anchor learn to swim?
Will this anchor learn to swim?
Learn to swim, Learn to swim
Track Name: A Little More Room
A Little More Room

There's a little more room in my bed
since that dish walked away with my dirty spoon.
There's a little more room in my head
ever since it stopped thinking of you (stopped thinking of who?)
There's a little more room in my boom boom boom
Nothing to care, nothing to share
baby spare me the details
There's a little more room and it's so brand new
I'm goin to the moon baby

Is that what you call love?

Theres a little more room, a little more funk,
a little more smooth, a little more spunk
a lot less chick flick and dinner on a Sunday
little less little pillows messin with my fung shway
Can’t have pleasure if there ain’t no pain,
And I can’t go fishin if there ain’t no rain
So thanks for makin it pour cuz I’m takin a tour bus,
From down in san diego all the way to spocaine,
It was cool back in high school, simple like haiku,
But out came the crazy with the “I do”
We settlin for before we settlin in before we settlin down,
now I’m a record selling leopard shepherd on the prowl
theres a little more time that I got for me,
I got a little more room, I’m a lot more free

Is that what you call love?

There's a little more room in my bed
since that dish walked away with my dirty spoon.
There's a little more room in my head
ever since it stopped thinking of you (stopped thinking of who?)
There's a little more room in my boom boom boom
Nothing to care, nothing to share
baby spare me the details
There's a little more room and it's so brand new
I'm goin to the moon baby

Is that what you call love?